Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 35

This week was exceptionally better than the last. I finally kicked most of the sickness and I'm feeling much better. Our house is progressing so fast and I'm getting so anxious about it! We have complete framing done and it finally looks like a house, this week we're expecting to see duct work, electrical and plumbing throughout.. I seriously can't wait.

I swear Ryder gets more funny every day. He's a parrot, which is sometimes hilarious, and other times.. still hilarious, but not as good. I said dammit out of frustration the other day, and he proceeded to yell it at everything the rest of the day... Bad mom award. I think he's becoming more aware of my pregnant status. I don't know if it's because my belly is so big or because we talk about it so much but as soon as he sees my bare stomach, he jumps at the opportunity to kiss it/blow raspberries and say "hi baby". He's also become aware of what's his and what's "Oakey's". Everything baby{even things at the store} he sees, he points and says "mom! that's Oakey's". Melts my heart.

I'm having the hardest time knowing I have to leave him when I have the baby. So hard, that the thought of having a home birth has crossed my mind more than once. {logical to change your birth plan 5 weeks before baby..} not to mention, I don't even have a home. HA. He's never been left over night, not even with Tyler. Last night I went with my mom to a party and Tyler called me because Ryder was hysterically crying for me and he came and got me. It killed me knowing that he couldn't handle even being with his daddy for a few hours. Let alone, having someone other than me getting him to sleep for the first time in his two years of life. I don't know what I'm going to do, I want to be pregnant forever just to avoid the situation completely. ::sigh::

How far along: 35 weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes, and a lot of Tyler's shirts. Unless I'm going somewhere, I'm not dressed. It's so hard to justify sitting in jeans all day.
Morning sickness: Not at all
Cravings: In n Out. Tyler and I ALWAYS go on one of his days off but this week he had to work one of his days off and the day he did have, we did lunch with his mom. I swear it messed up my body's routine and it's all I can think about. Tuesday can't be here soon enough! I've also needed a Slurpee every night. Mountain Dew & Cherry. Keeps me sane.
Food aversions: Ground Beef. I haven't been cooking much lately but when I made something with beef the other night I could hardly stand it. I can eat it, but cooking it made me gag.
Labor signs: Boy oh boy. I'm realizing how good I had it with Ryder with NO contractions till the day I had him. I'm having 1-3 Braxton Hicks contractions every day now and they're reminding me how painful the real things are.
Belly button in or out: Out. It's finally even on all sides and doesn't look AS weird.
What I miss: Not hurting. I feel like an 80 year old woman.
Milestones this week: I'm finally starting to feel prepared. We ordered our car seat and stroller, nesting has set in a little bit and clothes are getting washed in Dreft. I about cried when as I was pulling all of the little newborn clothes out of the dryer last night. Why are they 10 times cuter after they're washed? This week we also went shopping for all of my hospital bag supplies. There's a couple things I still need that I'll get this week, but I feel much better knowing that if something did happen early, we're prepared and ready to go. Ah, I can't wait.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 34

Before I started this post, I read some of my friend's blogs and it occurred to me, hey, other people have time to blog more than once every couple weeks, and about more than just pregnancy... Sorry, friends, I'm not one of you. I'm a little jealous, though. I really wish I could record more of my everyday life but I'm really having a hard time getting my weekly Oakley updates done. The funnier Ryder gets, and the more he talks and does, I really want to start Vlogging. I'll never regret the little videos I take of him and all the crazy stuff he does. Maybe once little O's here, and our house is done, and we're settled in somewhere for good and, I don't feel like I may possibly die from my sore throat, stuffy&runny nose, lougie hacking (yeah, gross)... Maybe.

How far along: 34 weeks
Maternity clothes: uh huh. I thought I needed to buy more pants but it seems as though my weight has shifted and they magically fit again. I'm fine with it. I did buy 5 new shirts this week from Target though. They were all on sale, and I think it's the last maternity purchase I'll be making.
Sleep: Has been completely awful. being huge, pregnant and sick is complete fail in the sleep department,
Morning sickness: Not the throw up kind, but sick, yes.
Cravings: I don't know if I'm craving these things because I really want them or just because I need them to survive. Carmel Apple Spice w/ extra whipped cream, Big Sticks, and Mountain Dew/Cherry slurpees.
Food aversions: Anything (so pretty much everything) that gives me heart burn. Sore throats intensify x10 when acid reflux hits. I've had to avoid quite a bit of my normal diet. 
Gender prediction: Little man.
Labor signs: I'm pretty sure I've had a couple braxton hicks. I'm measuring about a week ahead but he's still pretty high and comfortable in there.
Belly button in or out: Out and looking silly as ever. One side sticks out further and it's totally weird and ugly.
What I miss: being a fun mom. We haven't been to the park in ages because of the heat. My idea of fun is a trip to target where Ryder gets popcorn and occasionally a new toy or going to McDonald's. 'park' and lunch in the same place... win. But really, I feel bad, hopefully he doesn't remember any of this and I can make it up to him soon.
Milestones this week: I had a Doctor appointment on Wednesday. I was thrilled to learn I had only gained 1lb in two weeks. The end of pregnancy is hard for me, or was last time when I gained all this weight right at the end and I'm so glad I didn't have to have that lingering over me this time. Plus, if I stay on this Popsicle, apple cider, soup diet, I shouldn't gain much more this week either.

Oh, and just a little update on our house, we have framing downstairs and floors got put in upstairs. It's starting to take shape and we're so excited. One of the workers said it should be completely framed in within a week. I'm still hoping they finish earlier than they're supposed to. Fingers crossed!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 33.

I feel like there's more and more space between my posts. I hate it, I was so determined to blog every week of this pregnancy but.. life happens. Since I last posted, we lived with Tyler's parent's for two weeks until they moved. We are now living with my parents and 7, yep seven of my siblings, oh, and my niece. Lots-o-people under one roof. It's an adventure. It's also kind of weird to live back in the house I grew up in but... we're making it work. Our house progress is coming along. We drive by every few days. Enough to see progress, but not too much to where we're going crazy that something wasn't done that day. I'm still hoping they finish early, or that Oakley bakes a couple extra weeks. I just feel like there's nowhere to put him quite yet. {talk to me in a few weeks, I'm sure I'll be over that}.

How far along: 33 weeks
Maternity clothes: Nothing but. I'm at the stage where I need more, or could really be more comfortable in something bigger but I'm trying to avoid buying any more.
Stretch marks: Belly is still mark-free and really, that's my only expectation. The rest of my body already has um.
Sleep: It's alright. I haven't needed naps lately, but it's probably because Ryder's been sleeping until about 10 everyday. It's nice, but I'm so not on the same schedule as the rest of the world.
Morning sickness: Not at all. I can even go until about noon without eating before I start to feel like I'm getting sick.
Cravings: I haven't craved anything that I 'had to have right now' lately. But we did get about 60lbs of peaches and I've been trying to get creative with using those before they go bad. Every morning I've had Eggo waffles with peeled/sliced/sugared peaches and whipped cream. I look forward to it everyday. Other than that, I've just wanted the normal things I've craved in the past.
Food aversions: Not really an aversion, but I haven't wanted pizza at all. The thought doesn't make me sick, but I guess knowing it's not going to fulfill my protein needs, I don't even bother.
Gender prediction: Definitely boy.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Out.
What I miss: Having my own space. It's hard jumping from place to place and not feeling like you have a 'home". I'm grateful we can stay with family and we're not homeless but sometimes it'd feel so great to be able to walk around naked if I wanted to. This baby weight's getting to me ;)
Milestones this week: I'm down to two-weeks between appointments. This Wed I'll schedule my last two week and then it goes down to one. AH! Oh and, the rib kicks. Not a milestone I love, but it means he's growing. I can now feel the different body parts sticking out and sometimes have to put pressure on them to get him to switch positions because it's so uncomfortable. I feel like he moves so much more than Ryder did... and I'm glad. It reminds me he's in there. With everything going on, I really do forget sometimes.

Weeks 29-33 in pictrures.