Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday, June 1st changed my life!

It's so amazing how learning something so small, can change everything.


When we learned that we could find out what we were having at 15 weeks, instead of 18-20 at the Doctor's office, we made an appointment! Las Vegas 4D baby here we come!

I made the appt for 7pm BECAUSE I had a hair appt already made for that day and I had to wait for everyone to get off of work. At the time it didn't seem like a big deal.

But it was! It had to be the longest day of my life!

Why didn't I think to change the day of my hair appt?

I was antsy and shakey and anxious. I had terrible thoughts all day that I was going to get all excited, and he/she was going to curl up in a ball and now show us the parts!

We were allowed to have up to 10 people.. so, we did just that! Grandpa & Grammy Clark (my parents) Papa & Mimi Zeedyk (Tyler's mom & step-dad) Uncle Kyle & Aunt Julie (my brother & siter-in-law) Jen (my best friend) Cody (Tyler's best friend) And of course, Tyler and I.

The group was fun, and I'm SO glad the ultrasound Tech, Victoria was, too! She handled the rowdy croud very well! It was so cool! It was way more advanced than a 2D at the Dr's office and it showed up on a big flat screen on the wall. Before she announced the sex, she was explaining other things. She got a BEAUTIFUL profile shot (she said it was "text book", I agreed, of course) She passed over the head, the cord, and everything else and Tyler's reaction to EVERYTHING was "is that a weiner??" "no Tyler. that's the arm" haha. He was so anxious to know. It seemed like it took forever to get to the sex part. But I soaked in every second. It was amazing to watch him move, and do summer salts, and the jokes that were flying a room were priceless. I wish we could've videod the whole thing, so many memories!!
She also did measurements for me, and determined that I'm due Nov. 19th, not the 21st like we thought. Hey, 2 days is 2 days!

Right before she announced BOY OR GIRL, we saw the little arm, reach down and hold the croch. No lie! It HAD to be a boy, right? He did it a few more times. I swear I had never heard the word penis, more in my life! Haha. Victoria finally said, "yep, IT'S A BOY!" She pointed out all the parts. Tyler was/is on a high. We both thought it was a boy all along, but just knowing for sure made everything so much more real! We weren't guessing anymore. I've been so happy ever since!

Before, we had discussed that we'd use either Oakley or Ryder for our boy. After the ultrasound, Tyler decided that he doesn't like Oakley anymore. You'd think, Ryder it is, then.. right? No. Tyler also wants to use his middle name (Wray pronouced Ray) And Ryder Wray, does NOT sound good to me. It sounds like "right away" Doesn't it? haha. I think, so at least. So I guess the name is up in the air. I think Tyler's afraid that it'll be our only boy and he'll never get to pass his middle name along, which I also understand.
I thought that I'd be a shopping nut after I found out, but believe it or not, I haven't bought anyting! I'm just so happy and content knowing what's in there! I love that I can talk to HIM, and know who I'm talking to. I love that when Tyler gets home, I can tell him, his little BOY missed him! I can't wait to meet him, he's already the highlight of my days!:)