Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My baby isn't a baby anymore.

Ryder's cute boots that FINALLY fit!
I often find myself wondering where in the world did these last 12 months go!?
I know, all moms say and think the same. But now I get it... And it's so dang bitter-sweet! Why do they grow so fast? It doesn't seem like there's ANY way that was a year ago. It's still so fresh in my mind, wasn't he just born?! I've looked at the calendar a few times today in disbelief.

He's walking, yeah WALKING, yesterday I counted 14 steps. He gets so excited, and knows he did something really great.

He's talking, Dad, Dada, Da-ee being his favorites and STOP, the most recent and always in his 'yelling voice'. Kid's got some lungs. Still no 'Mama'. I totally feel gipped, I remind him who bathes, feeds, changes and snuggles him all day, but he doesn't seem to mind. Or knows, that I'll do them regardless.

Playing independently is a new one as well. It's AMAZING. I can get things done, or just watch his genius little mind work. It amazes me what he has figured out after just a year and it literally makes me teary eyed... {Which may have something to do with the fact that moving to Texas has made me an emotional wreck, but whatever...} It's sweet.

Today is his birthday. But not just any birthday.. His FIRST birthday. It's an accomplishment for all of us. Being a parent is hard work, but so incredibly rewarding at the same time. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that Tyler had 1/2 day left at home to celebrate the day as a family!

my identical boys.

We woke up, set up all of his presents, and waited for him to wake up. We made sure to video the whole thing {which we've been really bad at lately}.

It felt like Christmas. We decided to make it a tradition to wake up to presents, and not have to wait until night time, or a party on a different day etc. etc. And it was awesome! His face was priceless. Definitely one of the best things about having your own family is creating new traditions.
lunch time!

After getting ready, and doing a couple last minute loads of laundry for Tyler, we headed to lunch. We just picked our favorite Mexican place, since 1 year old's don't really have a preference to restaurants yet.
Ryder's only preference is: food.
We headed over to Peter Piper Pizza since there's one super close to our house. Again, what is a 1-year-old's birthday requirements? Luckily, he really enjoyed it!
We got $2 worth of tokens and that was PLENTY. He didn't really like the ride-ons and he was really too little for the games but he had a blast on the playground! One of us, took him up, and the other took pictures. He had a blast crawling through the tubes and going down the slide with us! We were glad we took him.

We knew we needed a cake, but I didn't make one today {stay tuned for Pirate P-arrr-ty pictures in a few weeks} so we took him to pick his own! We wanted a small cake, but not a cupcake.
a chubby kid's dream
 We thought it was cute to take him, and he seemed to enjoy it.
We had cake, a much needed bath afterwards and then little man went down for his nap!

thosssssse cheeks!

Tyler had to leave to go back to work. His shift starts at 12am and the shop is 6 hours from our house. It was so much harder to let him go back today than it ever has been before. Maybe it was because Ryder was asleep, and I knew he would wake up asking for him, maybe because it was our son's birthday, or maybe it was because each time he has to go back we realize more and more how much we miss eachother. Either way, we shared a good cry, hugs and a prayer before he left, and hope these two weeks fly by.

I pulled myself together before Ryder woke up from his nap. We spent the rest of the day playing with all of his new toys and sliding down his slide! He fell asleep by thunder rolling across the family room floor with his silky blanket in hand, until he passed out. I love my blankie boy.

It was a really good day. I'm glad we took the time to capture it with pictures and video. I know those are things we'll never regret.

Favorite of the day. My handsome boy.

I sure do love you, Ryder. Happy Birthday, buddy!