Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weeks 36 & 37

36 & 37 weeks

These last two weeks have been insane. My Doctor told me at my 36w appointment that he would be out of town from my 36 1/2w- 37 1/2w mark. No big deal. It totally stressed me out. Especially because in the same conversation he told me "history will likely repeat itself" as in, have a baby a couple weeks early {as I did with Ryder}. He also told me I was measuring 3 weeks past my due date when I've been measuring a week early almost the whole time. Which probably means baby has already dropped. I already assumed that by the amount of pressure I've been having but he scheduled me for an ultrasound just to make sure everything was good.
The same day we finalized our flooring for our house and had maternity pictures. Ryder hadn't napped and he fell asleep in the car 5 minutes before we got to the park where we were taking the pictures. I thought for sure the pictures would be awful, Ryder would be crying or sleeping in all of them and I wasn't going to have them to look back on. I was so wrong. Ryder was awesome. He loved the little creek that ran through, the ducks and turtles and was pretty compliant with everything we asked him to do. We've seen the preview pictures and LOVE them. I'm getting the CD tonight and I'll hopefully have time to be able to post a few of my favorites before little O arrives.
I had my baby shower that following Saturday. My mom, Julie and Dominique did such a good job with all of the planning and cute ideas, and my awesome friend, Courtney offered her adorable home! The theme was "ready to POP". We had a whole table of 'things that pop' including, a variety of pop corn, tootsie pops, cake pops and a tray of fruit to 'pop something healthy'. It was seriously adorable. 
We literally got everything we needed for baby, plus some. LOTS of diapers, adorable handmade quilts and blankets, clothes.. you name it! There were a few things we still needed and we were able to cover all of those with the gift cards and cash we received! We feel so fortunate to have such amazing friends and family who are just as excited for this little dude as we are! Thank you!

How far along: 36 & 37weeks
Maternity clothes: Absolutely. I bought some new jeans and a shirt for maternity pictures, even though I said I wasn't buying any more. But really now, I'm done. I'm suffering through the cold weather we've had, wearing over-sized hoodies and hoping it gets a little warmer for the remainder just so I don't have to break down and buy anything I'm only going to wear for a week or two.
Morning sickness: No
Cravings: I've eaten and craved {almost every day} Crispix cereal. I had never had it until last week. My dad went grocery shopping and remembered he used to like it and bought a box. I've since had to buy 2 more boxes.. delish! Also, my mother in law made a homemade angel food cake with cool whip and strawberries for my SIL's birthday. I ate two pieces that night.. and didn't even feel bad. And have since wanted it every single day.
Food aversions: Nothing really that I can think of. I went grocery shopping today while I was hungry and I gagged a few times. Once, walking buy the chicken wing stand they have, and a couple other times when I'd smell the meat counter from an aisle.
Labor signs: Well... remember how I said my Dr is out of town? I saw the nurse practitioner {who I love and wish delivered babies} and she did an exam. I was {as of Wednesday} 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. She told me I may not make it until Monday when Torres gets back. Since, I've been doing all I can to avoid going into labor. Seems crazy, since by this time, last time I was doing everything in my power to bring it on. But I can still tell it's coming. A few new symptoms every day, today my back is especially KILLING me. I really hope I can hold off until Monday, but it's getting painful enough that I may not mind if it came down to it.
Belly button in or out: Out. Just to give you a little visual.. Ryder pointed to it the other day and said "MOM! Boobie." cute.
What I miss: I thought I'd turn this into "What I'm going to miss:" because honestly at this point, I don't remember what it's like to not be pregnant.
I think mostly I'm going to miss all of the 1 on 1 time with Ryder. Every day I lay him down in my bed with me for nap. We sing and cuddle and nap for a few hours, I'm really going to miss that. I'm going to miss being able to play whenever he wants, hold him whenever he puts his arms up and tells me "mommy, i'na hold you". {} He's been my whole world for two years and I'm just worried he'll resent me for this.
Before I make myself cry, here's another: I'm gonna miss my belly table. Sometimes it's REALLY convenient. Like, for eating my crispix while watching Criminal Minds. ;)

Milestones this week: Hitting full term. It's such a relief to know that when I have this little nugget, he should be healthy and able to come home with us. It's such a feeling of relief, I can't wait to meet him.
We've really been focusing on getting our time in with Ryder these last few weeks and doing things he'll enjoy. Tyler set up the new stroller and Ryder absolutely loves it! Yesterday he insisted we use it at Target, instead of a cart and he was pretty dang good! We've also been using it to go on nightly walks, even though my instincts tell me to put those off until Monday.
We went the pumpkin patch this week, too, followed by Nielson's Frozen Custard. We'll likely go again if Oakley arrives before Halloween to take the boy's pictures, actually purchase pumpkins and because Ryder had so much fun for so little money! I feel like there's so much that has happened and so many memories that habe been made recently that I'll never ever forget. I love my boys.