Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 18 & 19

Tyler got home the day I was supposed to blog my 18 week. We were just so busy and enjoying each other's company that I didn't have the time or really desire to post. We had so much fun this past week, did way more family things than normal and had a blast. I remembered why I love the 2nd trimester so much. I feel so good. I get out of breath a little bit (usually while carrying the baby-Hulk) but other than that, I love it!

How far along: 18 & 19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: i have not a clue
Maternity clothes: Most everything is still too big, but all of my clothes are too small. I've basically lived in sweat pant/shorts, pajamas and Tyler's shirts. It feels so good to be able to breathe... As long as I don't look in the mirror at what I'm wearing. I DID however buy my 1st maternity swimsuit. It's cute, fits in all the right places and was fairly inexpensive. I'm not thrilled at being in a swimsuit but.. at least I have one now.
Stretch marks: No new ones. The old ones just turning dark purple, reminding how awesome being pregnant is.
Sleep: is.. non-existent.
Morning sickness: not at all
Cravings: Oh boy. Everything. I've been craving Philly Cheese Steak bad for a few weeks and just discovered a place super close to my house.. I've had it 3 times this week. I've also been craving cinnamon rolls, I've made two pans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls recently. OH and peanut butter toast. I really want sliced bananas on top every time but it always happens to be a day we don't have any bananas.
Food aversions: I still can't eat any sort of authentic Mexican food. The thought of chips and salsa make me want to gag.
Gender prediction: It's a boy, but I keep having dreams and stupid, ridiculous pregnancy thoughts that they were wrong and it's a girl. So dumb.
Showing yet: More than I'd like to be
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
What I miss: It's probably getting old, but.. My husband. It's not really a 'pregnancy related' thing to miss but at the same time it is. It makes me sad that he doesn't get to be here every day to see and experience all of this. I also miss when I didn't sweat to death by doing simple things like my makeup.
Milestones this week: Tyler got to feel Oakley kick for the first time!!! I felt him kick and told Tyler. He literally jumped across the couch and put his hand on my belly and waited. He gave him two big kicks while Tyler smiled from ear to ear. I think it made it more real for him. He talked to him and kissed my belly a lot more this week.. I'm so lucky!