Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love night night time.

Ryder's love for books continues:
A few weeks ago, he threw his fat chicken leg over my stomach and sat down on my lap, leaned back, with book in hand. When we were done reading "Wheels on the Go" {for the 36384947 time} he started chewing on the corners.. Which lead to:
"we don't eat books, we eat babies"
I love this little nugget.
Ps. He just brought me a book to read, shocker!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I live for little moments, like that.

Lately, I've felt so fortunate for this adventure, we call Texas. As much as it sucks to be so far away, it has been one of the biggest blessings thus far in our marriage. We have been able to identify ourselves as our own family and have to rely on each other so much more.

I've been able to spend day and night with my son, without having to hear that I "do nothing" all day. {yeah, I've heard it plenty. YOU try keeping a house spotless, without a maid, while watching a toddler. Be my guest.} I'm pretty sure, I have the best husband ever. He always makes sure to let me know he could never do my 'job', and on days like today, its nice to hear.

If nothing else comes out of moving here, I'm content in knowing we've grown as individuals and even more so a couple. Having an understanding and appreciation of each other and the duties we each hold that we didn't have before.

This week has been one to remember. Ryder has discovered his love for books. He brings me books all day, and puts his chubby arms up for me to pick him up to sit on my lap. He snuggles into my arm and lays back while i read. As long as I keep reading, he'll keep snuggling.

Every night we have the same routine. Diaper change, lights off, TV on, and a blankie on the floor with a bottle in hand.
Usually, he'll roll around after he drinks his milk and I pat his back until he's asleep. But, the other night as soon as his bottle was gone he stood up and walked behind me.

I tried to ignore him, so he'd come lay back down. But he didn't. I felt his little hand on my back and thought for sure my hair would be pulled any minute. But it didn't.

He started rubbing my back, for at least a minute. I started crying as soon as he started. I didn't want to look back, because I didn't want him to stop. It's like he knew that it comforted him to sleep and just wanted to do the same for me.

When I did look back he got the most adorable, bashful smile.. Then gave me the biggest hug he's ever given me, followed by a long "awwww". Knowing, he did something really great. He fell asleep in my lap that night. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.

I wish my husband was home every night, and knowing how much Ryder adores his 'Da-ee', I know he does, too. It's hard knowing he has to miss those cute things. We miss him like crazy. I know he misses us, but I see the love that it must take to work for 14 days straight at 100+ hours per week to support and give your family everything they need. I'm truly blessed. I never thought this would be my life, but I'm so glad it is.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My baby isn't a baby anymore.

Ryder's cute boots that FINALLY fit!
I often find myself wondering where in the world did these last 12 months go!?
I know, all moms say and think the same. But now I get it... And it's so dang bitter-sweet! Why do they grow so fast? It doesn't seem like there's ANY way that was a year ago. It's still so fresh in my mind, wasn't he just born?! I've looked at the calendar a few times today in disbelief.

He's walking, yeah WALKING, yesterday I counted 14 steps. He gets so excited, and knows he did something really great.

He's talking, Dad, Dada, Da-ee being his favorites and STOP, the most recent and always in his 'yelling voice'. Kid's got some lungs. Still no 'Mama'. I totally feel gipped, I remind him who bathes, feeds, changes and snuggles him all day, but he doesn't seem to mind. Or knows, that I'll do them regardless.

Playing independently is a new one as well. It's AMAZING. I can get things done, or just watch his genius little mind work. It amazes me what he has figured out after just a year and it literally makes me teary eyed... {Which may have something to do with the fact that moving to Texas has made me an emotional wreck, but whatever...} It's sweet.

Today is his birthday. But not just any birthday.. His FIRST birthday. It's an accomplishment for all of us. Being a parent is hard work, but so incredibly rewarding at the same time. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that Tyler had 1/2 day left at home to celebrate the day as a family!

my identical boys.

We woke up, set up all of his presents, and waited for him to wake up. We made sure to video the whole thing {which we've been really bad at lately}.

It felt like Christmas. We decided to make it a tradition to wake up to presents, and not have to wait until night time, or a party on a different day etc. etc. And it was awesome! His face was priceless. Definitely one of the best things about having your own family is creating new traditions.
lunch time!

After getting ready, and doing a couple last minute loads of laundry for Tyler, we headed to lunch. We just picked our favorite Mexican place, since 1 year old's don't really have a preference to restaurants yet.
Ryder's only preference is: food.
We headed over to Peter Piper Pizza since there's one super close to our house. Again, what is a 1-year-old's birthday requirements? Luckily, he really enjoyed it!
We got $2 worth of tokens and that was PLENTY. He didn't really like the ride-ons and he was really too little for the games but he had a blast on the playground! One of us, took him up, and the other took pictures. He had a blast crawling through the tubes and going down the slide with us! We were glad we took him.

We knew we needed a cake, but I didn't make one today {stay tuned for Pirate P-arrr-ty pictures in a few weeks} so we took him to pick his own! We wanted a small cake, but not a cupcake.
a chubby kid's dream
 We thought it was cute to take him, and he seemed to enjoy it.
We had cake, a much needed bath afterwards and then little man went down for his nap!

thosssssse cheeks!

Tyler had to leave to go back to work. His shift starts at 12am and the shop is 6 hours from our house. It was so much harder to let him go back today than it ever has been before. Maybe it was because Ryder was asleep, and I knew he would wake up asking for him, maybe because it was our son's birthday, or maybe it was because each time he has to go back we realize more and more how much we miss eachother. Either way, we shared a good cry, hugs and a prayer before he left, and hope these two weeks fly by.

I pulled myself together before Ryder woke up from his nap. We spent the rest of the day playing with all of his new toys and sliding down his slide! He fell asleep by thunder rolling across the family room floor with his silky blanket in hand, until he passed out. I love my blankie boy.

It was a really good day. I'm glad we took the time to capture it with pictures and video. I know those are things we'll never regret.

Favorite of the day. My handsome boy.

I sure do love you, Ryder. Happy Birthday, buddy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Willards: The Texans

I'm sure by now, everyone knows that we relocated to Texas.

our home {the one on the right}

After weeks of searching, we finally found an adorable Duplex in Crowley. {about 30 miles SW of Dallas}
Since we are new to town/state, we were happy that they offered a 6 month lease option just in case we hated it and also because Tyler's job can take him just about anywhere in Texas.
Everyone keeps asking about his job: Right now he's working a 14/6 schedule. He's literally gone the full 14 days, working up to 120 hours per WEEK! We miss him so much, but I'm so grateful to have the 6 days off to get us back on track. I love that we agree on the importance of me staying home with our son, it has been such a rewarding blessing to be able to spend my days {and nights} with him.

Wednesday started Tyler's 14 days on, its always hard the few days, but I have to keep reminding myself of why we're here and look forward to the future.

This last week with Tyler home was a little stressful, lots to get done. Our great friends, the Donnelly's brought our stuff all the way from Henderson to Crowley for us. We got it all unloaded and now it's just a matter of finding a spot for everything and getting everything put together... If we ever locate where the screws to Ryder's crib are.. Oy.

Once everything was unloaded we could have a little fun, we went shopping quite a bit. We sold all of our big furniture before we moved, so I had been couch/table-less for a month..We got a couch, cute, red entertainment center and a refinished antique table that I LOVE... That I still need to find chairs for.

 We also carved pumpkins for baby boy's 1st Halloween! He loved rolling them around, and it was near impossible to get a good picture that he was smiling and wasn't blurry:

I know much more has happened, and should go back a year and catch up, but I know I won't. Our family feels so blessed to be where we are, but we definitely get home-sick. I'm hoping that blogging will help everyone feel like they're a part of our everyday life, even though we're 1,300 miles away from 'home'.

I'll leave you with this cutie.. He was REALLY excited about the Albertson's chocolate cookie sample.