Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Willards: The Texans

I'm sure by now, everyone knows that we relocated to Texas.

our home {the one on the right}

After weeks of searching, we finally found an adorable Duplex in Crowley. {about 30 miles SW of Dallas}
Since we are new to town/state, we were happy that they offered a 6 month lease option just in case we hated it and also because Tyler's job can take him just about anywhere in Texas.
Everyone keeps asking about his job: Right now he's working a 14/6 schedule. He's literally gone the full 14 days, working up to 120 hours per WEEK! We miss him so much, but I'm so grateful to have the 6 days off to get us back on track. I love that we agree on the importance of me staying home with our son, it has been such a rewarding blessing to be able to spend my days {and nights} with him.

Wednesday started Tyler's 14 days on, its always hard the few days, but I have to keep reminding myself of why we're here and look forward to the future.

This last week with Tyler home was a little stressful, lots to get done. Our great friends, the Donnelly's brought our stuff all the way from Henderson to Crowley for us. We got it all unloaded and now it's just a matter of finding a spot for everything and getting everything put together... If we ever locate where the screws to Ryder's crib are.. Oy.

Once everything was unloaded we could have a little fun, we went shopping quite a bit. We sold all of our big furniture before we moved, so I had been couch/table-less for a month..We got a couch, cute, red entertainment center and a refinished antique table that I LOVE... That I still need to find chairs for.

 We also carved pumpkins for baby boy's 1st Halloween! He loved rolling them around, and it was near impossible to get a good picture that he was smiling and wasn't blurry:

I know much more has happened, and should go back a year and catch up, but I know I won't. Our family feels so blessed to be where we are, but we definitely get home-sick. I'm hoping that blogging will help everyone feel like they're a part of our everyday life, even though we're 1,300 miles away from 'home'.

I'll leave you with this cutie.. He was REALLY excited about the Albertson's chocolate cookie sample.