Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 25

Over a month since an update. I'm seriously slacking. So much has happend, I don't know where to start. I've literally had no time. I've got my OJ and Freindly donut and I'm ready to tackle this:

Tyler and I made the move back home to Henderson. It was one of the most spur of the moment decisions we've ever made. He casually asked his Uncle if they were hiring, he was offered a job and after he worked through his two week notice, we were off. Tyler is loving his new job, learning a lot and looks forward to going everyday. It feels so good to me home. Even Tyler, who never thought he would miss this place, did and his happy to be back. I guess it's true.. There's no place like home.

We're living with Tyler's best friend Cody {who lived with us in TX} while we try to figure out which route we want to take in the housing/rental market. It's so much different than Texas, and so much harder to find a decent place at a decent price or one we won't have to wait for months to get into. We're prety optimisitc and not too stressed about it.

As for my pregnancy, I honestly forget I'm pregnant most days. I'm feeling probably as good as I can be. Chasing around Ryder really helps me to stay busy and not dwell on how huge and tired I am. Or how it feels like a portion of my back is just.. completely missing.

How far along: 25 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I have a Doctor appointment next week. I guess we'll find out then. I haven't been weighed since my last Dr. appt in TX at 18 weeks.
Maternity clothes: The only thing that isn't maternity now days is Tyler's basketball shorts and t-shirts. {which I live in unless I have to leave the house}
Stretch marks: None that are new
Sleep: Is so terrible at night. We're sleeping on a full-size bed, when we're used to a king and it's just bad. Tyler sleeps sideways, and snores, and wants to cuddle when its a billion degrees. My best sleep usually happens from 5-8 when I migrate to the couch, and when I nap on the couch.
Morning sickness: None at all. I don't even get sick when I don't eat right away anymore. It's great!
Cravings: I'm pretty sure I've eaten Santa Rosa and Fausto's 15 times since we've been back. I really look forward to a bowl or two of multigrain cheerios everyday, Mountain Dew/Cherry slurpees and sourdough toast.
Food aversions: Meat. I can eat it, but cooking ground beef is enough to make me not want to eat the end result.
Gender prediction: Boy
Showing yet: Yes. I've been feeling so big lately. I guess, since there's absolutely no hiding that it's a baby bump now, but the last few days I've been told "you barely look pregnan" or "you look so good" and comments like that really help me feel better :)
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: I think it's officially more out than it is in. I have the weirdest looking belly-button ever, so it's just not cute.
What I miss: Texas BBQ. It's hard to crave a good sandwhich and mac&cheese when nothing compares to it here.
Milestones this week: Ryder is now referring to my belly as "bruber". It's the cutest, sweetest thing ever. He rubs, loves and sings to my belly every night. I'm such a lucky mama.

Below: Weeks 20-25 in pictures.