Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just let me complain a bit..

This past weekend, Tyler and I went to Coalinga, CA to a rodeo. I was pretty excited to have Friday off, so I could go (since it was a Friday-Saturday rodeo.) It took 6 hours to get there and we didn't leave until about 5:30 Thursday night. I was STARVING and SICK by Baker, we stopped at Chipotle (which is all I've craved) and.. I hated it, it made me even more sick..

I guess I can check Chipotle off my cravings list, for now..

Not to be a Debby-Downer, but really, the weekend did not get much better! The only places to eat in this terrible town were: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Carles Jr. & Burger king. I had a bad experience at Carles Jr. the past weekend, so that was out of the question. It was SO bad. I've been trying to eat super healthy, and I've been eating about once an hour. Well you can't eat fast food once an hour.. 1. you'll go broke and 2. you'll have a heart attack. So I was sick, the whole time & even more sick on the 6 hour drive home.

Boy does it feel good to be home!
I told Tyler I'm done traveling, at least until my second trimester!

Life at home hasn't gotten much better, but it definitely has been much easier to get food when needed (I figured about every 1.5 hours on the dot, or I'm sick). I keep telling myself....
"and this too, shall pass!"

On a WAY lighter note, I think I've found the travel system that I want. 5 star safety rating and awesome costumer reviews. OH and not to mention the $150 unexpected discount the website applied when I added it to the cart. It's a little, okay a lot, more expensive than the norm. "graco" or whatever brand. But is it not totally Tyler and I?! Also, My mom is paying for our travel system, but because of the price we will have to pay for a small portion of it. I think it will be the one. I feel so lame for looking, and picking things this early, but I figure if we buy things gradually the next 7 months than it won't seem so expensive in the long run [hopefully]. I also get FREE shipping, and NO sales tax ($30) if I send it to Kyle's place in UT. woohoo, who doesn't love saving $180?! Thank you, diapers.com!
I'll keep posting as I find other things I think I can't live without, and keep you updated on the little nugget!
(11.5 weeks & counting till we find out what it is!)
Thanks for letting me vent, even if you stopped reading after my first 5 minutes of complaining;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

one two or three? AH

Well, as most of you know by now...


Tyler and I found out for sure, last Monday. I was still in denial after 1 pregnancy tests, so I took another, and another, and well.. I guess since those things are 99% accurate, I'm a believer!

I probably should've waited to tell Tyler when he got home, but I couldn't so I called him at work. He thought I was lying... seriously, I had to convince him haha. I wish I could've seen his face but 8 hours seemed like an eternity away!

Needless to say, he was still excited when he got home. We've been trying since November (and if you didn't know that, don't feel left out. Neither did anyone else). Tyler slept the whole night with his hand on my belly, I loved it!:) I know this, because I didn't sleep... at all!

I went to the Doctor on Wednesday to confirm pregnancy, which was positive also. I have my first ultrasound on Wednesday.. and just in case you were forgot, I'm impatient, and if 8 hours felt like an eternity, can you imagine my weeks?

If my due date was based on my last period (like normal people) It would be September 26th.. But, I went to the Doctor the end of January because I had missed, and the test was negative. So when I thought I'd get answers, I got nothing. They said I'll have to wait to see the size of the baby on the ultrasound and the Doctor can choose weather or not to change my due date based on what he sees.

This weekend we went up to Provo to visit my brother and his wife. I wish I knew what I was having! Julie and I went to the Quilted Bear, and there was SO much cute stuff!

So since the "cat's been out of the bag" I've been told it's triplets, one of my friends had a dream about it, which wouldn't be all that weird.. but SO DID I! And I've had a million people tell me it's twins, nice of them, huh? I wouldn't mind twins but Tyler's convinced that if it's twins.. they'll be our first.. AND last! haha

I'll keep you updated on my appointments. I'm so thrilled for my ultrasound, just so I can know how many little nuggets are in there!

Fried pickles
dill pickles WITH sliced cheddar cheese, on the same plate
water (I can't tell you how much I hate water!)
Carmel delites
I've had chipotle twice (and wanted it every other day, but Tyler tells me no)
Del taco
& on the way home from UT, there was no tacobell to be found, BUT, did you know Carl's Jr is also a Green Burrito?:)

May not sound all that weird to you, but trust me, I don't normally eat like this. :)