Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter, and my 7 week.

Well Easter was a blast. We went to Mission Hills Park on Sat. for a Picinic. We do it every year with my mom's twin sister's family, and who ever else shows up. It's freakin windy EVERY year, you'd think we'd learn to move it inside.. ha. Don't mind my cute hood. My little brother, Seth is so cute, I couldn't help but share:) If I have a little boy, I'll be thrilled, just because Seth changed my whole perspective on little boys.

It was also my dad's 50th Birthday. I can't believe my dad's 50, and has a 1 year old. I guess it'll keep him young;). Since it got so windy at the park, we took his cake and presents home. I made him a home-made banana-nut-cake. It's SO good, and easy. It's his favorite, and his grandma's recipe. Let me know if you want it, it'll be a family fave!

My brother, Kyle and his wife Julie stayed at our house, since my mom always has sick kids and Julie is also pregnant. It was fun doing Easter baskets here for the first time. I loved getting stuff for Tyler, and he got me a cute baby carriage charm for my Pandora charm necklace:) I love him and I love looking at my neck everyday and thinking about our little one!

We also went shooting while they were here. Just the 4 of us. It was a lot of fun, I only shot one round, but usually I don't want to go at all, so I was pretty proud of myself:)

As for the pregnancy--

I owe my life (or it seems) to Tara Hendrickson, my neighbor. She mentioned taking my prenatal vitimin right before bed, and myabe it would help with the sickness, and.. IT DID! Woohoo, I kind of feel like I feel "too good" now. I'm sure everything's fine, but I felt so crappy before, it seems too nice now haha.

We had a little scare on Friday. My OB office called Tyler and sounded pretty urgent to talk to me, they had my number wrong, (a 4 where a 9 should've been) and wouldn't give him any info, and just said to have me call ASAP. Since it was my day off, Tyler called me at 9, woke me up and scared the sh*t out of me! I called, and it wasn't really anything. I was relieved, and kind of pissed at the lady, at the same time. They wanted me to do blood work 48 hours apart, and to tell me I had a yeast infection(TMI?, but really, I had no idea, I still don't believe it) Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to buy monostat 3? UGH, anyway. The Dr. also wants to do another ultrasound. Since my LMP was december and I'm clearly not 16 weeks, he just wants to do an ultrasound at 1 before my prenatal at 2 o'clock so he can give me an accurate due date and stuff. I'm pretty excited, hoping we can acutally see and hear the baby's heartbeat since my ultrasound at 5.5 weeks showed nothing but a blob. When I go in I should be 1 day away fom 8 weeks (from what I was told last time.) I'm really excited. I'll keep you posted. :)